10 Foods That Don’t Belong in the Fridge


Do you ever open your fridge and experience harassed with the aid of the cluttered cabinets and drawers? It’s possible you’re stuffing grocery gadgets into the cool temperatures except a 2nd thought. When you’re mindlessly placing your kitchen staples into their places, you normally don’t surprise whether or not or no longer you’re storing them in the right location. Instead, you rush to put them away and cross on with your day. But the reality is, we want to pay greater interest to the place we’re storing our favorite meals items.
Although there are debates about what does and doesn’t belong in your refrigerator, I’m right here to inform you what objects you need to in reality do away with from your fridge shelves. Not solely will you declutter your fridge, however, your groceries will style extensively higher when saved correctly. These are 10 ingredients that don’t belong in your refrigerator.

According to scientific research, ripe tomatoes have to be saved on your counter, uncovered. When saved in the refrigerator, their taste is affected. The bloodless temperatures limit the performance of the genes that enable the fruit to properly ripen.


To preserve espresso at its best, it must be saved in a dark, hermetic container—and now not interior your refrigerator. Cool temperatures create moisture, which dulls the style of espresso beans and grounds. If you choose your espresso to preserve its aroma and flavor, hold it saved at room temperature.


If you’re trying to safely keep your potatoes, keep away from the refrigerator. Uncooked potatoes are nicely saved in a cool, dry, and darkish environment. Low temperatures will flip starch into sugar at a faster rate, which is why they must in no way be saved in the fridge.


Nuts belong in the pantry if you format to devour them in the close to future. They will continue to be sparkling at room temperature for a few months. That being said, if you don’t diagram to devour them right away, they ought to be saved in the fridge or freezer (just understand they can also now not style as excellent when saved at a cooler temperature).


Fresh herbs aren’t the best to preserve fresh, however, that’s most probably due to the fact they’re being saved incorrectly. If you preserve them in the fridge, they’re being uncovered to too a great deal moisture, inflicting them to end up slimy and wilted. Instead, wash and dry herbs and depart them on the counter.


If you choose to lengthen the shelf lifestyles of your onions through up to 30 days, pass them from the fridge to the pantry. Like potatoes, the starches in onions are transformed into sugars at a faster charge when saved at cooler temperatures. The pleasant way to save onions is with the aid of retaining them in a mesh bag in your kitchen cabinet.


Ground spices have to constantly be saved in a kitchen cabinet or on a spice rack. These long-lasting substances are exceptional saved at room temperature due to the fact they’re affected with the aid of heat, light, and moisture.


Watermelons and honeydew melons style higher and closing longer when saved at room temperature. According to a learn about that seemed in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, melons decay in much less than a week when saved in the refrigerator—which is motive ample to go away them on your counter as a substitute than in your fridge.


Winter squashes ought to be stored out of the fridge due to the fact humidity motives produce to rapidly deteriorate. Not solely will squash remaining longer at room temperature, however, it will add style better.


If you commonly keep your garlic in the fridge, cast off it immediately. When refrigerated, garlic bulbs develop moldy due to multiplied moisture. They additionally start to sprout due to the fact of the bloodless temperatures—which is an indication that it’s being saved incorrectly. The satisfactory way to save garlic is in mesh luggage or loosely woven baskets.


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