5 tips for finding a perfect water bottle


 We need water. According to health records, up to 60% of the adust’s human body is water.  Some people are not drinking enough water per day. It is not good for a healthy life. Drinking water gains us a lot of benefits. 

Generally, adult males should consume about 3 liters (  Fluid ounce 101 / 0.65 Galon ) per day while adult females consume 2.2 liters  (Fluid ounce 74 / 0.48 Galon ) per day. 

But health experts commonly recommend at least 8 -ounce of glass ( 2 liters / ½ a gallon ) per day. This is called the 8X8 rule. 

Now, we must find a good way to cover our daily water consumption requirement without any stress for us. Using a water bottle is a good manner that many peoples already practiced. My water bottle is my friend. 

But when you are going to select a water bottle, there are some important thighs you have to carefully consider. 

  1. Safe and Healthy. 

        We can see, some peoples are using cools drinks bottles ( Eg. Pepsi, Coke )  or mineral water bottles for refilling and drink water. This is harmful to our bodies. Because this kind of bottle has been manufactured only for one-time use. 

On the other hand, we must consider the quality of the bottle. many people are concerning only price and shape of the bottle when they are going to buy a new bottle. But you must read the product description carefully and get an idea about the quality of the bottle. Basically  you must consider about following matters

  • PETG, BPA free and Phthalate free
  • Non-toxic
  • Food Grade material used 
  • perfectly safe to the human body. ◖NOT Dishwasher Safe, Suggest Washing by Hand!◗

There are lots of quality water bottles in the market. But it is difficult to find. Hence you have to do a small research before purchasing a water bottle next time. 

  1. Capacity. 

This is very important. Because the water bottle should support us to get an idea about our current water consumption level. In this case, you must consider to select a water bottle that mentioned water level clearly. In addition, if you comfortable you can use a 2-liter capacity bottle that covers your daily water consumption. 

  1. Super portable.

The selected water bottle should be handling friendly. Then it is to bring it here and there. Hence always select a bottle with anti-slip handle and strong style stylish nylon strap that able easy to carry and be hung anywhere. 

  1. Leakproof and splitproof

Select always a bottle with a smart clip that helps us to open and close easily and no leak. On the other hand, the bottle should support us to drink smoothly.

  1. Widely applied 

The water bottle should be ideal for workout, bike, study, bodybuilding, weight loss, camping, traveling, and outdoor sports



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