6 Ways to Grow Your Business By Focusing on Personal Health


These are 6 ways to grow your business by focusing on personal health.

Number 1.
Getting enough sleep improves productivity and reduces mistakes.
Sleep experts recommend that we all get between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. When people get less, problems can start. For example, a 2016 study by the RAND Corporation found that a lack of sleep causes the average person to lose about 11 days of productivity per year, which translates to $ 2,280 in lost output. For high-value workers, such as entrepreneurs, this figure is likely to be much larger, given the knock-on effects of their decision-making. In addition, lack of sleep allows entrepreneurs to make more mistakes (such as posting questionable tweets on Twitter). Studies show that people with sleep disorders are 20 to 30 percent more likely to make critical mistakes.
Number 2.
Eating healthy improves mood and improves output.
Our culture often underestimates the profound effect that what you eat has on health and productivity. But this is not something that is lost to health authorities. For example, the World Health Organization published work suggesting that eating a balanced diet increases productivity by about 20 percent, which is equivalent to an extra day a week at the office. The type of food you eat can also affect your mood. Researchers who reported in the British Journal Of Health Psychology found evidence that eating more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day significantly improved participants’ moods and preparedness for life’s challenges.

Number 3.
Exercise increases productivity and improves interpersonal relationships.
Top entrepreneurs around the world swear by their workout routines, and this should come as no surprise. Data indicate that exercise offers many benefits, including better mental well-being, improved overall health and less stress. For example, one study found that employee productivity was astonishingly 72 percent higher on days when participants exercised compared to days when they didn’t. Another study found that implementing a “sit less, move more” policy reduced the number of days lost due to lack of performance and improved interpersonal relationships.

number 4.
Being mindful reduces stress and improves decision making.
Entrepreneurs often try to automate their personal lives, so that they can spend their energy on their work. However, going too far from this approach can lead to unwanted unintended consequences, including loss of focus, high stress levels and poor decision making. Everyday mindfulness, something practiced by everyone from Steve Jobs to Richard Branson can help. A University of California study found that just two weeks of mindfulness training could dramatically increase focus. Another study from the University of Pennsylvania found that meditative practices reduced sensitivity to the “sunken cost misconception” and contributed to clearer decision-making. And finally, research by Johns Hopkins indicates that those who practice mindfulness experience a moderate but noticeable reduction in overall stress levels.
Number 5.
Put on some music to reduce stress and stay focused.
Listening to music in the office can have an extremely relaxing effect on our brain by reducing stress and tension throughout the body. I had the chance to catch up with William Digi founder William Alfred who confirmed that ‘listening to your favorite music can anchor you right now, really allowing you to enjoy what you’re doing even if it’s annoying or stressful. This will help you stay focused, motivated, and generally happier all day. ”
Number 6.
Social support can increase happiness in difficult times.
entrepreneurs can improve their health and their business by seeking social support where necessary. Many of the world’s top business leaders have a mentor, and research shows that people who have good relationships with people inside and outside the company experience lower levels of workplace stress and greater perceived happiness. Focus on personal health is therefore not an option for entrepreneurs. It is an essential tool to improve their activities and make better decisions, making them the cornerstone of their organization and the person who is always in the background and making sure things are going well.


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