How to clean your room?


Our bedroom is a mirror that shows our personality. The bedroom reflects our attitude and level of mentality. Sometime you may use your bedroom only for sleeping purposes. But you should consider about bedroom cleanness and the setup.  Because our subordinate mind interacts with all the items in our room while we are sleeping. The complex room setup and unclean room environment creat an unpleasant feeling to the subordinate mind and it causes us to awake without refresh mind. 

Sometimes you may clean your bedroom at weekends. Think, we are working hard during the weekdays and we need some leisure period for our private matters and an interval for our mind. 

If you are spending more time cleaning your bedroom, you have to sacrifice other important events of the weekends like spending more time with children, parents, meet your Nabours, go out to relax, etc. 

If you can follow these simple steps, you can maintain a nice and pleasant bedroom. 

1.Identify cleaning points 

First, you should identify major cleaning points such as bed, windows, furniture, floor, etc. 

2.Identify resources

This is very important. Here you will identify the available resource and none available resources for your cleaning. 

Let me explain this matter further. You need basically the following resources in order to complete your job perfectly.

Human resource – Who is doing the particular cleaning task, You or your room partner?.

A Broom – Make sure to keep a separate broom for your room because you can use it anytime when you want it. Otherwise, you may have to stay on the waiting list. Another important thing is, make sure to take a user-friendly and well-performed broom with dustpan.

Cleaning Cloths – You should have several cleaning cloths. When you buy cleaning clothes, always take a reusable, eco-friendly, multipurpose, pack (set) of clothes with different colors. It is a tip to save money. 

Dusting kit – This kit is very important to remove cobwebs on the ceiling and clean other items such as fans, light fittings. We suggest you to buy a good dusting kit with smart options in order to clean your room with a happy mind. 

Cleaning material – Always use a quality glass cleaner that not any affect your healthy life. As well as use a quality cleaner for your timber finished floor or furniture

Cleaning caddyCleaning caddy helps you to organize every cleaning materials easily 

Vacuum Cleaner – Always use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner 

Dust Bin / Wast Basket – Always use a user-friendly, cute, long-lasting dust bin for room

Air Purifier – If your room is in limited fresh air, you can use a good Air Purifier in order to clean the air in room and odor eliminate of Allergies and Pets, Smoke, Dust

3.Discuss with your room partner

Your room partners would be your mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, Childs, or friend. Anyway, discuss identified key cleaning points with your partners and try to divers the cleaning works among everyone. But make sure that everyone should happy and comfortable with their role. Otherwise, this is not workable.  

On the other hand, if you are staying in the room alone, keep in mind, you have to do everything without expecting any support from others at home because this is your room and we can not expect continuous support from others. 

4. Scheduling

Now, you have a sound idea about key cleaning points of your room and who responds to clean it. In this stage, we should try to put these cleaning points into the time table.  Here, make sure to allocate every duty among the weekdays. Then you do not want to sacrifice your weekend time for room cleaning and you can use the time for other important events of your life. 

On the other hand, you can identify that you have to spend less than 10 minutes for the everyday cleaning works of your room. As well as, Every morning, you are awake full of refresh mind because you slept in a pleasant environment. 

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