How to warm baby bottle at your home.


Do I need to warm my baby’s bottle? This is a question always asking from mothers. According to the study of North Dakota University, baby formula does not need to be warmed. But there are some practical reasons behind warming up the milk bottle. The mother’s body temperature is around 98 Fahrenheit and newborns experiencing mother’s milk at the same temperature when he/she is faded from the mother. In early ages, the newborns expecting any meals at the same temperature and they may reject cold milk or show signs stomach upset after feeding cold formula. Hence, warming a baby bottle is important before feeding them and let see how to warm the baby bottle. 

There are two types of baby bottles in the market. 

  • Glass bottle
  • Plastic bottle. 

Glass bottle is always recommended but sometimes parents have to use plastic bottle even. If you are going to buy a plastic bottle for your baby, always make sure to select bottles that are manufactured without  Bisphenol-A (BPA).  There are many research papers you can refer to the internet on BPA and how the BPA effect harmfully to the human body.  Always check the label and product description before purchasing a bottle for your baby. 

Mothers are using different ways to warm a bottle and some of the common methods can be listed as follows,

  • Use a microwave to warm up the bottle. ( Not Recommended )

                This is one of the easiest ways to warm up a baby’s bottle. But it is a very harmful way to the baby because uneven heating may burn the baby’s mouth and the artificial heating waves in the microwave may create harmful chemical structures in the formula. The easiest way is not always the right way!

  • Use hot water 

                 This is the most common way.  Heat some water and place the bottle into the jug. Swirl the bottle from time to time and make sure all the milk gets heated properly. This is the lowest cost method but it will be taken some time. 

  • Prepare the formula with warm water. 

                This is super simple. You can prepare the formula with warm water. But you have to wait some time until milk comes to propper temperature ( 98 Fahrenheit). 

  • Use a bottle warmer. 

                 Using a bottle warmer will be benefited you in different ways. Basically this is a low-risk method because you do not want to deal with hot water. As you know, hot water is very dangerous especially when small children are running here and there in the home. one small mistake can create big damage.

On the other hand, a bottle warmer is a user-friendly and very safe item. We can use it both inside the home and out of the home. The most important thing is the bottle warmer maintains the right warm temperature always and it helps to protect the formula with the right nutrients. 

Lastly, if you at again How to warm baby bottle? The answer is there are different ways but the most safest and comfortable way is using a bottle warmer.  

How to find a good bottle warmer? This may be a new question in your mind. There are different brands in the market. Hence we have to get advice from someone who has experience in a particular brand or get advice from seller. But this is not always the right way. So Better way is doing a small research by yourself. You can visit online stores like Amazon, eBay, and search as bottle warmer. Then number of brands will be displayed. Now go to the review area and get right knowledge about the products by referring carefully the reviews. It is the easiest way to do a online research on particular products. On the other hand, If you do not have time to do such a research, you can visit a website like because this kind of web sites propose good products with best revives in the leading online store like Amazon and eBay. 


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