Introduce New Tech Infrastructure for Future Jobs


A White House advisory panel on Tuesday will call on the government and private sector to work together to build new tech infrastructure to support future jobs and provide the underpinnings critical to a solid economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, an official informed of the plans said.

The White House American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which is chaired by White House adviser Ivanka Trump and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and deApple (CEO of AAPL.O), Tim Cook, the CEO of Lockheed Martin (LMT.N), MarillynHewson and IBM (IBM.NGinni Rometty, Executive Chairman of), plans to advocate for “an unprecedented investment in digital infrastructure”.

The Council’s efforts are aimed at helping displaced workers on pathways to improve their skills and learn new ones so that they can move to “good jobs in recovering areas as the health crisis recedes and the economy begins to recover,” he said. informed a White House official about the plan.

“Our country cannot achieve a satisfactory post-pandemic recovery unless the technological infrastructure is in place to connect all Americans and enable them to participate in the workforce,” the official said in the council’s message.

The board wants governments to “streamline licensing at work, education requirements, reduce licensing costs and increase reciprocity” and urges the federal government to “allow financial aid for students to provide high-quality, reference programs tailored to the market. “

Workforce problems have become of new concern as the coronavirus pandemic has decimated the economy.

The United States lost 20.5 million jobs in April, the steepest dive since the Great Depression. The unemployment rate rose to 14.7%, breaking the post-World War II record of 10.8% in November 1982.

In a statement, Ross said the advisory board meeting is coming at a “challenging” time, but expressed confidence that the president’s policies will lead to a rapid recovery.

Ivanka Trump said in a separate statement that the board will work to “find solutions to combat the job losses caused by this pandemic and help unemployed people reconnect with staff.”

“By joining this call for action, leaders in business and government can help more people build skills that lead to good jobs, promote recruitment based not only on diplomas, and build a national skills infrastructure to empower workers in connecting with opportunities, “IBM’s Rometty said in a statement.

Four major companies – Walmart Inc (WMT.N), Salesforce (CRM.N), IBM Corp (IBM.N) and Workday Inc (WDAY.O) – announced on Tuesday that they will be creating “Interoperable Learning Records” to help employees and employers match applicants with jobs, the official said.

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