Masks are too dangerous for children under two, Japanese experts warn


Wearing masks has become more common during the coronavirus pandemic, but they should not be used by children under the age of two, according to the Japan Pediatric Association.

Japanese coronavirus guidelines encourage people to wear masks, but the medical body warned parents not to put them on cups because it makes it difficult to notice changes in facial color, appearance, and breathing, it said in a brochure.

“It is possible that masks make it difficult for beekeepers to breathe and increase the risk of heatstroke,” thread brochure.

Infants have narrower airways and masks can make it more difficult to breathe, increasing the burden on their lungs, it continues.

There is also an increased risk of suppression, especially when small children spit behind a mask.

Infants are relatively low risk for coronavirus infections and the association concludes that masks are not necessary for infants under two years old.

On Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lifted the country’s national emergency. It’s been in place for almost a month, but authorities lifted it a week earlier than originally planned.

However, Abe on Wednesday extended a travel ban to 111 countries, now including the United States, India, and South Africa.

The ban was expanded this week by 11 countries and bans foreign nationals who remained in those countries in Japan.

Japanese citizens are still allowed into the country, although they have to undergo 14 medical tests and self-quarantine.


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