NASA and SpaceX celebrating their success.


President Trump participated in celebrating the event of the successful launch of U.S. astronauts into space. 

The Kennedy space center launched SpaceX rocket with two astronauts on Saturday, 30th May 2020. The United States blasted off a rocket after a decade and this is the first time space project launched by private corporations. 

Here, President Trump said that “A new age of American ambition has now begun”.  Click here to watch president trump’s speech now.

President Trump gave his priority to the U.S. space program from the beginning.  The aims of The National Space Council was more focused on speeding up efforts to return to the moon, standing up the new Space Force military branch, and slashing regulations while promoting the growth of a commercial space industry with reconstituting steps of The White House. The vice president pence guided it. 

Politicians, NASA, and SpaceX engineers and their family members were in the audience. Although most of them wore masks, they did not maintain their social distance.  


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