World Environment Day


Every year peoples celebrate World Environment Day ( WED) on 5th, June. This day was nominated by the United Nations ( UN ) at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972 by considering environmental issues rising day by day. UN is making an effort to gather people, organizations, governments, both local and international together and find possible positive actions to minimize environmental problems. 

The first WED was celebrated n 1974 in the city of Spokane in the USA under the theme of “only One Earth”

Last year WED theme was “Air Pollution” and This year WED  would be officially celebrated on Friday, June 5th, 2020 in Colombia under the them “Biodiversity” 

Peoples, organizations, and Governments involve to celebrate World Environmental day in different ways by organizing tree-planting programs, Beach cleaning events, poster campaign, kids art competition, etc.  

But the most effective way to celebrate WED is thinking every day as WED day and maintain self-discipline to minimize the practices that cause to badly to the environment.  

In addition, you can support to the organizations such as MEGA  that work to the environment effectively and efficiently. 

How to support environmental organizations without stress? It is easy and add extra happiness to our mind. In addition, you can share the donation experience with your friends through social media. See some of the cool tips below lited.

  1. Donate your one-day coffee cost 
  2. Stop your car in the garage and use public transport or your foot bicycle to reach your office only one day in the month and donate fuel cost.
  3. Donate your birthday cake cost.
  4. Donate your one-day alcohol cost and cost for cigar 
  5. How many chocolate, cacks are you eating per week?. You can donate one choco or cake cost. 

These are only few steps that you can follow to increase your contribution to the Environment. In addition, you can find plenty of effective ways you can help to the organization such as MEGA that works to the environment. 

By practicing these steps, you can enjoy a relaxed mind and a healthy life.  Also, researchers have found that those who help the environment has less stress and a healthy life. As well as they have more attraction from others and wealth. That’s why the organization works to the environment and is not breaking down even the worse situation in the world. That’s why world success persons like Mr. Bill Gates work to the environment. They know the secret. 


What is COVID-19 teaching us

COVID 19 teaches us many things. As human beings, we act pass days selfishly. We did not think about animals, forest cover, water, and air. We always think about our comfortable life. We thought we can do everything. But COVID-19 has shown us that we are still small in front of nature. 

Nobody guarantee on our life. Our property, our money, our authority power, our relations, and our friends can not help us when nature is going to punish us. 

We are living a small period in the world. Who can expect a long life? Can you expect? or Can the latest technology help you for long life? The answer is no. 

Do not get stressed out too much. Help others. Keep your smile always. Do not expect too much. Do not try to compare you with others. Do not depend on others. Maintain your style always. 

Think always about the environment because you are a part of the environment. You need the environment, as well as the environment, needs you.  

One day you will die. it means you change your shape. you act another roll of environment. you will be a wind, you will be a tree, you will be a sand or soil. 

We can not live without water, air, and sunlight. The environment gives us water, air, and sunlight free of charge because we are part of the environment. 

But we do not think that we are part of the environment. that’s why we work against the environment. 

The economics models that we practices are not valid further with COVID-19. The environment now pushes us for going eco-friendly economic model.

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