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What’s Next for Hong Kong,

China officially has the broad power to eradicate unrest in Hong Kong, after the country’s legislature has almost unanimously approved a plan to eliminate all the suppressive actions in the semi-autonomous city national security can threaten.

Beijing will be flouting the specifics of the legislation in the coming weeks, and the final ruling will help determine the fate of a city that has for decades been a link between China and the West.

Early Chinese authorities signal a crackdown as the law comes into effect, which is expected by September.

What it means: Under the new legislation, activist groups could be banned. Courts could impose lengthy prison sentences for damaging national security. China’s feared security agencies could openly operate in the city. And civil liberties, at the core of Hong Kong society, may not last.

US response: US Despitepressure on China to decline, including a threat to end Hong Kong’sstatus special trade, Beijing does not. The Trump administration is planning the visa cancellation of thousands of Chinese students and researchers in the United States to punish Beijing.

Analysis: Beijing is “now prepared to risk permanent damage to one of the engines of its four-decade economic expansion to ensure that its authority over Hong Kong does not come into question,” explained our correspondent Keith Bradsher

Hong Kong

In Indonesia, “It’s Too Late”

Coronavirus infections are spreading at an alarming rate on the farthest islands of the world’s fourth-most populous country, and it could soon get worse. After gathering hundreds of thousands of Indonesians for Ramadan in recent weeks, some experts are afraid of a huge rise in cases.

So far, Indonesia has counted on its burgeoning archipelago and young population to support the spread. But the number of cases is increasing and could be higher than what the country’s limited testing shows. Young people die at alarming rates.

While hospitals are struggling, experts say a complete outbreak like that in Europe and the US would be devastating.

Case study: A random sample of 11,555 people in Surabaya, the second-largest city in the country, found last week that 10 percent of the tests had antibodies to the coronavirus. It can be an alarming glimpse at forwarding bypass.

Details: In early May, Indonesia had recorded fewer than 12,000 cases, killing around 865. By Thursday, the number had increased to 24,538 confirmed cases and 1,496 deaths.


North Korea launders billions, U.S. says

North Korea more than $ 200bn to launder assets through international bankers, according to a Justice Department indictment that was unsafe on Thursday.

Twenty-eight North Koreans and five Chinese nationals have been accused of the scheme.

Prosecutors are acknowledging that the United States is unable to advance North Korea with its nuclear weapons program, through economic sanctions and through President Trump’s attempt to make a report with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

North Korea


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